Park Hotel Hong Kong supports reforestation, ecological restoration, and underserved communities.

Experience Eco-Friendly Hospitality at Park Hotel Hong Kong

Embrace sustainability in our bid for waste reduction & reforestation

Park Hotel Hong Kong is committed to protect our planet and the community to help creating a heathier and better lives for current and future generations. We are implementing a series of sustainable initiatives and practices into our daily operations and continuously seeking innovative alternatives to help advance improvements for a sustainable future. Below are some of the sustainable initiatives we have implemented at our property. 

Park Hotel Hong Kong supports reforestation, ecological restoration, and underserved communities.

Ecosystem Reforestation

  • Through Rooms for Trees initiative to contribute to reforestation and restore vital ecological systems, support underserved communities, and drive positive environmental impact 

Energy, Carbon and Water Reduction

  • Using heat pumps instead of fueled boilers to pre-heat water for our guest rooms and to support the cooling demand for the air-conditioning system 
  • Use of energy-efficient appliances and LED lighting 
  • Installing sensors to switch off lights and electric functions when the area is not being in use 
  • Installing heat insulation film for windows at guest floor lobbies and office to reduce cooling requirements 
  • Encouraging guests to reuse guest room linen and towels 
  • Vegan and vegetarian menus item available 
Park Hotel Hong Kong also provides vegetarian menu options
Park Hotel Hong Kong's waste reduction

Waste Reduction

  • Implementing waste collection and recycling programmes for glass containers, food waste, used cooking oil, paper, cardboard, toner cartridges, and metal 
  • Recycling and donating reusable items, furniture, equipment, and machine spare parts 
  • Applying paperless signage, service directories, menus and surveys 
  • Elimination of plastic straws and stirrers in the outlets 
  • Installation of in-shower dispensers for shampoo, conditioner, body and hand wash to replace single-use bathroom amenities by April 2024 
  • Phasing out the single-use bathroom amenities, like shaving kits, combs, cotton buds and pads, shower caps, hygiene bags to avoid plastic waste by April 2024 
  • Replacing the plastic bottled water to water refill stations in public areas by April 2024 

Community Engagement

  • Participation of green campaigns, including EPD's Carbon Neutrality (Waste Reduction) Charter, WWF’s Earth Hour, and CLP’s Peak Demand Management Program 
  • Supporting various non-profitable organizations through donations, sponsorships, fundraising, volunteering and training 
Park Hotel Hong Kong supports nonprofits through donations, sponsorships, fundraising, volunteering, and training.
Park Hotel Hong Kong offers employee training and development programs focused on personal and professional growth.


  • Transforming our hotel into a 100% non-smoking environment to provide a more pleasant and healthier atmosphere for both our valued guests and dedicated employees 
  • Providing opportunities to employees for skill development, training, and workshops focused on personal growth, professional development, and wellbeing 

Awards & Recognition

15 Years Plus Caring Company (2008 – 2023) 

Super Manpower Developer (2023) 

Manpower Developer Grand Prize Award (2016 – 2020) 

Friendly Employment Award (2017 – 2018) 

Outstanding Inclusive Team Award (2017 – 2018) 

Family-friendly Employers Award (2015 – 2016) 

Family-friendly Employers Award (2015 – 2016) 

Manpower Developer (2011 – 2022) 

Smart Energy Award (2020 – 2021) 

Tree Conservation Scheme Award (2020) 

Corp Enviro Leadership Awards (2019 – 2020) 

Certificate for EcoPartner (2018 – 2022)