Romantic activities in Otaru, Japan

When it comes to romance, Hokkaido's port city of Otaru is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. This charming destination offers couples the perfect blend of picturesque landscapes, historic streets, and delightful culinary experiences. Here’s a guide through a romantic journey in Otaru, revealing the most enchanting activities and attractions that make it an ideal place for couples to create unforgettable memories.


Stroll Hand in Hand Along the Otaru Canal

Begin your romantic journey with a leisurely walk along the iconic Otaru Canal. Admire historic warehouses that line the canal, beautifully illuminated at night, that evokes a truly magical atmosphere.


Enjoy Hokkaido's Finest Seafood

Renowned for its fresh seafood, Otaru is a must-visit for seafood-loving couples. Savour mouthwatering sushi, sashimi, and seafood bowls at local restaurants and markets.


Explore the Romantic Sakaimachi Street

Sakaimachi Street is a preserved merchant district with charming shops and boutiques awaiting your visit. Visit glassware shops and enjoy glassblowing activities as a couple, creating your unique keepsakes.


Light up Your Love at the Otaru Snow Light Path Festival

Plan your visit during the annual Otaru Snow Light Path Festival, a mesmerising event where the city is illuminated by countless candles and lanterns. Walk through the glittering snow-covered streets, creating a romantic and unforgettable experience.


Capture Scenic Moments at Tengu Yama Park

Take a cable car ride to Tengu Yama Park, a viewpoint offering panoramic vistas of Otaru. Capture stunning photographs with your loved one against the backdrop of Otaru's snow-covered landscape.


From enchanting canal walks to exploring charming streets, Otaru's charm is sure to ignite the spark of romance. A visit to this hidden gem promises to be a memorable journey that will strengthen the bond between you and your loved one. Come and whisk away your special someone to Otaru for a romantic adventure to remember!

Grand Park Otaru

35 minutes away from Sapporo by car, busk in the beauty of nature from Grand Park Otaru, surrounded by mountains and panoramic views of Ishikari Bay, offering luxury accommodation that boast sophisticated furnishings and modern amenities. Adjacent to Wing Bay Otaru, one of Hokkaido's largest shopping mall for shopping and dining, and close to Japan Railway’s Otaru-Chikkō Station, Grand Park Otaru is an ideal base to explore local attractions and enjoy seasonal activities such as skiing, cruising and sightseeing in Otaru.