Must-Try Food and Drinks in Kunming

More than stunning landscapes, cultural heritage, and handicrafts, Kunming in China is known for having diverse local food and delicious cuisine. Prepared with a fusion of Chinese, Southeast Asian, and Tibetan flavours, Kunming food is also heavily influenced by the region's rich ethnic diversity, incorporating ingredients and techniques from the Yi, Bai, and other minority groups from the Yunnan province. From spicy hotpots to refreshing rice noodles and savoury steamed buns, foodies are in for a gastronomical adventure with these must-try items!


Cross-The-Bridge Rice Noodles

Savour a bowl of piping hot Cross-The-Bridge Rice Noodles that will warm your bellies instantly.

Cooked in a variety of ways, Yunnan food is known for rice noodles and this dish in particular, is a speciality. Served with a large bowl of hot broth and a dozen small plates with fresh meat slices, raw quail eggs and various vegetables, the heat of the boiling soup acts as an agent to cook the ingredients as soon as the dish is served. For a finishing touch, a layer of goose oil is added on the top of the soup for heat preservation. In Yunnan’s Mengzi city where the dish originated from, locals add edible chrysanthemum flowers for extra flavours.


Steam-Pot Chicken

Bite into the flavourful Steam-pot Chicken prepared with a special cooking method.

Steam-pot chicken is a popular dish in Kunming, where the chicken is cooked in a pot over boiling water, hence gaining its name. Yunnan people add ginger, shallot, pepper, and salt to marinate the chicken in the pot and let it heat for about four hours, where the steam from within the pot comes into contact with the pot’s lid and condenses into water, flowing back into the pot as delicious chicken broth. With this special cooking method, the chicken is tender and juicy when ready, and is usually served with dipping sauces for some added tastes.


Roasted Rice Cakes

Tuck in to a Roasted Rice Cake, a toasty breakfast treat popular with the locals.

These rice cakes are a unique snack found within the Yunnan province. It is a popular breakfast option among the locals, and you can find many local food stalls in Kunming selling them. The dish is made with a mix of white and purple rice. Grounding the cooked rice and forming them into flattened square or round shapes, they are then toasted and brushed with sesame sauce or spicy sauce. To enjoy this snack like a local, try adding a deep-fried dough stick, sausage, or ham for that savoury kick.


Yunnan Stuffed Bun

Filled to the brim with juicy meat fillings, the soft Yunnan Stuffed Buns make the perfect comfort food option for a pick-me-up. (Photo: Mala Market) 

Yunnan stuffed bun is another popular snack found in many famous local food stalls along the streets. Made using low-gluten flour and lard with ham, diced meat, sugar and chopped dried mushrooms in its filling, the bun is recognised for its flaky skin that resembles the texture of a croissant but is soft on touch. Sugar is used to accentuate the flavour of the meat filling. Bite into one while it is still hot and you will be reaching for another one before you know it.


Yunnan Coffee

Sip on some Yunnan Coffee to experience the sweet aftertaste exclusive to these specialty coffee beans. (Photo: Xinhua News)

With its increasingly popularity, Yunnan coffee is not to be missed on your travels in Kunming, China. The province's unique geography, high-altitude mountainous regions and abundant rainfall provides the ideal conditions for growing quality coffee beans. Characterised by a smooth, mellow taste, Yunnan coffee gives off hints of chocolate and nuts and some may even taste sweetness in it. Give this specialty coffee a try when you are in Kunming!



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