Why One-Night Staycation is Never Enough

While we still can’t travel overseas, a staycation is the next best option to get away from the daily grind. Not only you get to enjoy your holiday almost immediately, but you can also skip the stress of navigating a foreign land, not to mention the time saved from doing the research for your overseas travel itineraries.  

Whether it is a vacation to cosying up under the sheets with your other half or enjoying an all-girls weekend staycation with your girl squad, let us tell you why 2 nights is always better than a one-night stay!

1.Explore the Vicinity 


While we may not be able to travel this year, that just means there's more time to check out the city you grew up in or lived in for years. You’ve been driving, taking the bus and have passed by this building, church, interesting shop or cafe thousands of time, but what's the story behind it? Staycations in our own little red dot let us see the city from a new perspective. Be it exploring the nature trails or visiting the secret enclave to multiple art galleries, restaurants and events in lush botanicals, we are sure there is much to explore right on your doorstep. Trust us, you won’t believe how fast 24 hours will fly by and staying two nights in the hotel allows you ample time to explore the vicinity and enjoy the hotel amenities to the fullest! 

2. Enjoy the Amenities  


As one of the world’s most popular destinations, Singapore is home to numerous hotels and resorts. And that means we have a wide variety of Instagram-worthy pools to choose from or fancy gym to hit during our stay. In such a special time like this, a hotel staycation also means we’ll have to visit the hotel facilities in staggered timings. A two-night stay would elevate your staycation experience as you get extra time to enjoy the facilities. 

3. Enjoy Club Lounge Privileges


Score yourself club lounge privileges when you stay more than one night! Some staycation offers come with exclusive access to the hotel club lounge, or enjoy a warm welcome with artisanal tea or coffee during check-in, daily afternoon tea sessions and all-day refreshments!  

Park Hotel Group’s Crystal Club Lounge provides a safe haven for those who want to avoid busy crowds at their restaurants and bars during peak hours. There’s also a complimentary laundry service for 2 items per day for each room.* 


4. Free-flow Tipples 


When it comes to club lounge privileges, one of the most exciting part would be the free-flow tipples! Perks like this isn’t as unreachable as you think.  


 5. Earn PARK$


Here's a #staycayhack - start earning PARK$ on your hotel stays and dining spend that goes towards more rewarding experiences! Simply sign up for Park Hotel Group's free-to-join loyalty program, Park Rewards. Get access to member-exclusive benefits and a world of rewards.