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Recipe: How to Make A Chinese-Fusion Steam Sea Bass

As the COVID – 19 continues to spread worldwide, we want to ensure the well-being of our loved ones. Beyond the basics of washing our hands frequently, exercising and resting well, it is important to load up on foods that boost your immunity naturally.

Here is what the Executive chef Nicky Ng at Mitzo Restaurant & Bar has prepared for us - a simple Chinese fusion recipe to boost our immunity. The Steamed Chilean Sea Bass with Minced Ginger in Superior Sauce 樱花姜茸蒸鲈鱼 is one of the most popular ala-carte dishes in the restaurant. 

"It is a pretty straight forward dish, even for a beginner. Just get the condiments ready, chop the ingredients and steam! A fuss-free, nourishing and healthy main course to make at home." said Chef Nicky. 

The main ingredients of the dish are pickled ginger and sea bass. Ginger, besides the amazing tangy taste it adds to dishes, works great to help digestion, easing pain and nausea and help fight the flu and common cold. It has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects makes it a great ingredient to support your natural defences.

Sea bass is a great source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids, therefore beneficial for healthy eyes. The omega-3 fatty acid is also a major force in fighting inflammation in the body. It also has a high amount of vitamin D, which can help control your mood and energy level. 


The Steam Chilean Sea Bass recipe below is prepared by Nicky Ng, Executive Chef of MitzoGrand Park Orchard.


150g                 Japanese Pickled Ginger
200-220g          Chilean Seabass Fillet (Wash & pat dry with tissue)
1 tbsp               Vegetable Oil
Appropriate     Potato Starch 



100ml              Water
1 teaspoon      Fish Sauce
1 teaspoon      Light Soya Sauce
¼ teaspoon     Chicken powder
½ teaspoon     Sugar
½ teaspoon     Dark Soya
To taste            Salt  


  1. Chop and mince the Japanese pickled ginger. Heat up oil, then, pour the oil into the ginger mix.
  2. Mix the ginger with chicken powder. Add a pinch of salt and add sugar, mix and set aside. 
  3. Place some potato starch in a bowl, gently dip the fillet into the bowl then lightly pat off the starch coating. 
  4. Place the fillet onto a dish, put the mixed ginger on top of the fillet and steam for 15 minutes (Steam for a longer period if the fillet is thicker).
  5. While the fish is steaming, prepare the sauce. Put water into the saucepan and add in fish sauce, light soya sauce, chicken powder, sugar and dark soya sauce over medium heat until the sauce boils up. Remove the sauce from heat. 
  6. Remove the fish from the steamer and pour the sauce onto the fish. Decorate with edible greens and serve.



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