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Maldives, Kodhipparu

Most Instagrammable Spots in the Maldives

Set in the paradisal heart of the Indian Ocean, Maldives is endowed with spectacular beauty and awe-inspiring nature. With its uniquely turquoise waters that shines from the pristine beaches, this island country holds great allure for tourist across the globe. Looking for the best Maldives resort? Grand Park Kodhipparu ticks all the right boxes. 

Tucked in the North Male Atoll is the island of Kodhipparu, where enchanting moments happen just anytime, anywhere on the private island. Book your air tickets and ocean villa, grab your drone and camera and let these 8 photogenic spots in the Maldives blow your mind. They are not just Instagrammable spots, mind you. The experience is magical and the hashtag #grandparkkodhipparu on Instagram says it all. Book early and enjoy our special Advance Purchase rates online. 


1. In-Villa Floating Hammock 

The overwater hammock right at your private deck is the perfect spot for a photo shoot. Enjoy the closeness to nature surrounded by the cerulean water and the relaxing sound of the waves while you strike a pose against the backdrop of the majestic sea view. 


2. Starlight Dinner 

Arrange a dinner under the stars for your loved one. The sunset at Kodhipparu is beautiful, but when the night falls, the lanterns illuminating the beach make your romantic dinner at the Maldives even memorable. 


3. Oceanfront Infinity Pool 

The view from this 45-metre long lap infinity pool is a captivating illusion, where it appears to be no boundaries between the pool and the Indian Ocean. Take a refreshing dip at this pool with unparalleled sea view and soak in the tranquil atmosphere.  


4. See-through Glass Floor

The rooms feature traditional Maldivian feel with a chic Boho touch. Heavily adorned with palm-fringed roofs, wood and rattan, the interior lifts mood immediately right when you step foot into your room. One of the coolest features? You can check out the crystal-clear blue below from the see-through glass floor right in the middle of the villa. It also makes a stunning backdrop for your Maldives #foodporn photos. 


5. Wooden Walkway 

One of the iconic features of the Maldives resort is the open-air wooden walkways that connect the villas. Take a long stroll down the walkway or have your holiday outfit photos taken here. It’s a pretty unbeatable location. 


6. Ocean View Bathtub

Waking up to the sound of gentle waves lapping on the shore is a great way to start a day, but taking a soothing soak as you enjoy the open ocean view is indeed another level.  


7. The Beach 

It’s cliché. But this is what paradise looks like. The powder-white sands, the clear blue waters and the swaying palm trees… you don’t need us to tell you about it.  


8. Yoga Deck by the Ocean  

Overlooking the glittering azure water of the lagoon, this open-air yoga deck is the perfect place if you feel inclined to burn off some of the Maldivian indulgence.  

Tempted to update your instagram feed with picture-perfect memories? Read more to find out how to decide your perfect Maldives resort for your trip! 

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Photo Credits (Top to Bottom): Grand Park Kodhipparu, andathousandwords (left), The Travel League (Right), Sergey Kabankov, Grand Park Kodhipparu, ksunya.mmm, The Travel League, Grand Park Kodhipparu. 

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