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Otaru Marina

Otaru Marina, located right in front of Grand Park Otaru, is a center of marine leisure in Otaru. In addition to rental of boats and yacht for a leisurely ride, boat cruises to Otamoi Coast are also available and you can enjoy nature in its view with many interestingly shaped rocks and cliffs from the boat.

Sakaimachi Street

The most crowded and busiest street in Otaru where you can find Kitaichi glass - a famous glass shop and factory, popular pastries and shops selling music boxes and sea products. The street is lined with a lot of retro-inspired stone buildings that makes you feel as if you have been transported back in time. Walk along this street and and indulge in the romantic atmosphere.

Herring Mansion

One of the largest guard houses in Hokkaido, built during the heyday of herring fisheries.  The tools used for herring fishery and the living ware of fisher folks are displayed inside.  It took 7 years to build it and was built using a lot of large lumbers - that tell how gorgeous the life of people who made a fortune in the herring fisheries was.

Kihinkan, Old Aoyama Villa

A mansion built by The Aoyama family, herring fisheries magnate. This mansion was eventually designated as a National Tangible Cultural Property.  Enjoy a glimpse of the atmosphere of Taisho romanticism, for gorgeous Japanese garden, luxurious ceiling paintings by a Japanese-style painter, and stylish buildings.

Grand Park Otaru

11-3 Chikko, Otaru, Hokkaido Japan 047-0008

Otaru Canal

A vacation in Otaru will not be complete without a stroll down the Otaru Canal, which once played a central role in the town's bustling port activities. Now, this popular spot is transformed and lined with Victorian-style buildings, museums, shops and restaurants. During winter, as the local community celebrates Yukiakari no Michi, otherwise known as the Snow Light Path Festival, get ready to capture picture perfect moments as the canal precinct lights up with thousands of handmade lanterns made from snow.

Mt. Tengu

Have the world on your feet at Mt. Tengu just 15 minutes away from Grand Park Otaru. Take in the panoramic views of Otaru and Ishikari Bay in a gondola to the observatory perched at 532 metres. Enjoy the fresh mountain air as you explore a chipmunk park, Tengu goblin mask display hall and ski museum before ascending to the rooftop observatory. During winter, skiing aficionados will appreciate gliding down the mountain against the picturesque backdrop.

Otaru Aquarium

Otaru Aquarium, home to close to 5,000 sea creatures of 250 species is the largest aquarium in Hokkaido. Located 20 minutes away from Grand Park Otaru, the aquarium also features a Marine Mammal Park that houses a collection of 150 marine mammals of 13 different species including seals, walruses, steller sea lions and and walruses. When there, do not miss out the entertaining live performances or try your hand at feeding these creatures up-close.

Grand Park Otaru Local Attractions

Getting Here:

From Sapporo:

  • By train: 25 minutes on the JR Hakodate Line Express and 43 minutes on the local train
  • By car: Approximately 30 minutes on the Sapporo-Otaru Expressway by the Otaru interchange exit

Approximately 65 minutes from Shin Chitose Airport on the Airport Express for Otaru on the JR Hakodate Line

From Otaru Station:

  • 6 minutes on the JR Hakodate Line
  • Approximately 7 minutes by taxi

By Bus:

  • Approximately 55 minutes from Sapporo Station
  • Approximately 15 minutes from Otaru Station

From Otaru Chikko Station:

  • Approximately 5 minutes’ walk from the station
  • A guide map from the station to Grand Park Otaru is available at the station information counter of Otaru Chikko Station.

The Ishikari Bay area around Grand Park Otaru, will afford to offer many hours of pleasure. Take a stroll along the water’s edge to admire the yachts at the Otaru Marina or head indoors to Wing Bay Otaru – one of the largest shopping malls in Hokkaido. With direct access to the JR Otaru Chikko Station, the hotel is easily accessible from everywhere in Hokkaido. Come nightfall, the beauty of Ishikari Bay is amplified by the illuminated buildings and yachts which cast romantic reflections on the water. Where better to take it all in than at Grand Park Otaru.

Day-time access:

Please proceed through the Wing Bay Otaru Building from 10.00am to 9.00pm. After exiting the Otaru Chikko Station, enter the Wing Bay Otaru and head straight. Without walking down any stairs, you can enter the hotel via the second floor entrance of the hotel. On the way, there are several signs pointing you in the direction of the hotel. Please take note that the business hours of Wing Bay Otaru are subject to changes.

Night-time access:

From 9.00pm to 10.00am, the Wing Bay Otaru building is closed. Go down the stairs from the station and with the Wing Bay Otaru building to your right, walk straight along the footpath and enter the hotel from the main entrance on the first floor. Please take note that the business hours of Wing Bay Otaru are subject to changes.

The port town of Otaru is located in western Hokkaido and a popular tourist destination all year round. Complete with its quaint old quarters, Victorian-style buildings and canals, the city faces Ishikari Bay, which offers magnificent ocean views to this already picturesque town.

Our hotel near Sapporo is a great vacation destination all year round as nothing showcases the multi-faceted beauty of Hokkaido better than the four seasons. In Winter, the city is blanketed in dreamy snowscape, inspiring everything from the Sapporo snow sculpture festival to Shiroi Koibito chocolates. As Spring and Summer grace the prefecture, the stark white landscape will be awash with fields of flowers such as purple lavenders and bright cheery sunflowers in the city of Furano. In Autumn, golden pampas and mountains of red maple fill the landscape. Two hours away from Furano by car, Otaru is an excellent base to start your Hokkaido experience. Otaru’s coastal area of Niseko-Shakotan-Otaru-Beach Quasi-National Park and scenic spots, including the cliffs at Omotai, attract many visitors, especially in Summer.

Nestled between mountains and Ishikari Bay, Otaru is also well-known for its bountiful fresh seafood from its fishing port. Taste delectable sushi at the famous Sushi Street, pick and eat seasonal fruits to your heart’s content in the orchards of Yoichi and many more. Discover the charms and hidden treasures while exploring the Otaru Canal precinct, try your hand at glass making at the famous Kitaichi Glass or shop along the local streets such as Sakaimachi-dori Street, or at the trendy malls of Wing Bay Otaru and Miyako-dori.

For a cultural immersion to tourist attractions in Japan, hop on a rickshaw and admire the beautifully restored Meiji-era warehouses lining the famed Otaru Canal – a world-renowned symbol of the city. Experience the life of the locals at the bustling Nantaru Market and witness the brewing process of Japan’s favourite liquor at the long-established Tanaka Sake Brewery.

Otaru’s nickname is “the town of hills” due to the presence of many hills. Towering behind Otaru is Mt. Tengu-yama, a popular ski resort in winter. At the observation point on Mt. Tengu-yama, one can enjoy a panoramic view of Otaru city and its beautiful port. Take the scenic cable car ride to the mountaintop and enjoy Otaru from a rare vantage point.

If skiing in Japan is what you are looking for, do not miss Otaru’s Tenguyama Ski Area, perfect place for family fun. With beautiful views of Otaru city center, it is a great place to enjoy the thrills and views of night skiing.

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