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West Hill

At a distance of 15 kilometers west suburbs of Kunming, on the shore of the Dian Lake, stands a cluster of hills called "West Mountain". Looked from afar, the undulating peaks resemble a giant reclining Buddha or a supine beauty, hence the name "Sleeping Buddha Mountain" and "Sleeping Beauty". As a tourist destination, it boasts its excellent viewpoint for overlooking the Dian Lake and watching sunrise. 

Bird and Flower Market

Situated in the center of Kunming City, Bird and Flower Market is the biggest and most ancient bazaar in Kunming, which is home to many cultural relics, well-decorated shopping stores, various birds, diversified flowers and palatable snacks. Since 1983 the Flowers and Birds Market has gradually been built into a comprehensive public spot for leisure, shopping, and trading. It is a treasure trove for souvenirs. With beautiful well-preserved old buildings, diversified commodities and profound culture atmosphere, the market does worth a visit.

The Golden Horse and Jade Rooster Archway

Right on the central axis of old city, located in the center of downtown Kunming, The Golden Horse and Jade Rooster Archway were built in the reign of Emperor Xuande in the Ming Dynasty, giving them a history of 400 years at present. Within a short distance of each other, the two archways have distinctive ethnic characteristics and are considered the symbol of Kunming. One special feature of the Golden Horse and Jade Rooster Memorial Arches is that their shadows can overlap at a certain time under the golden afterglow of the sun and the silver light of the moon. This rare phenomenon forms a wondrous scene.

Yuantong Temple

Yuantong Temple is the grandest and most important Buddhist temple with more than 1,200 years of history. Yuantong Temple is a real working temple. Buddhists from many different countries come here on pilgrimages to pay homage. 

Grand Park Kunming

20 Hong Hua Qiao, Kunming 650031 Yunnan, P.R. China

Green Lake Park

Located just five minutes away from Grand Park Kunming is the picturesque 17th century Green Lake Park, which goes back to the late Yuan Dynasty. Also known as the “Jade in Kunming”, Green Lake Park is one of Kunming’s most scenic spots and a perennially popular event venue. During winter, be fascinated as thousands of migrating seagulls from Siberia make their appearance and keep visitors entertained with various antics.

Stone Forest

The Stone Forest is a must-visit destination in Kunming. Named one of UNESCO World Heritage sites, this karst geological park features more than 400 hectares of limestone pillars that will leave you mesmerised with their intriguing formations and magnificent scenery. There's no stopping fans of nature, who will relish the opportunity to hike at leisure - stopping only for some photo-taking of the surrounding breathtaking views.

Yunnan Nationalities Village

In addition to fine weather all year round, be immersed in the rich cultural landscape at Kunming, where close to half of China's ethnic minority groups call home. At the Yunnan Nationalities Village, peek into the world of diversified local cultures and hospitality as 26 ethnic minorities introduce you to their way of life through food and art as well as song and dance performances.

Grand Park Kunming Local Attractions

Getting to Grand Park Kunming Hotel:

  • 45 minutes by car from Kunming Changshui International Airport
  • 15 minutes’ walk from downtown city centre and popular pedestrian streets such as Nanping Street
  • 20 minutes by car to the Nanyao Railway Station
  • 5 minutes’ walk to Green Lake Park

Located in the heart of this beautiful city beside Grand Park Hotel Kunming is the picturesque Green Lake (Cuihu) Park, which goes back to the late Yuan Dynasty. Sometimes described as a “Jade in Kunming”, the park is not only known as one of Kunming’s most scenic attractions but is also a perennially popular event venue.

Just 10 minutes’ walk from this hotel Kunming in China and you will find one of Yunnan’s grandest and most important Buddhist temple, the Yuantong Temple located at the foot of Yuantong Hill.

Just a short distance away from the main commercial areas, this Green Lake hotel in Kunming is a convenient option for business travellers and ideal for leisure travellers to explore the city’s major squares, popular pedestrian streets and markets.

The economic, political and cultural centre of Yunnan, a pleasant climate all year round, alluring highland sceneries, bewitching karst landforms, exotic cultures and historical attractions spanning more than 2,400 years – these are just some of the reasons that make Kunming, the capital city of Yunnan, a major destination in Southwestern China. As the tourism centre of Yunnan province, Kunming has also been a transport hub, from where tourists can travel easily to places such as Dali, Lijiang and Shangrila.

Also known as the City of Eternal Spring, Kunming is especially popular amongst tourists just as the last winds of winter fade away and the city is blanketed with spring-time blooms, heralding the start of the annual Spring Festival. Whilst flavourful local dishes and proliferation of night markets, cafes, pubs and bars are trademarks of Kunming, three centrally-located shopping streets and plazas, namely Qingnian Road, Dongfeng Road and Zhengyi Road – make duty free shopping a breeze for tourists.

Other than the picturesque Green Lake Park, more natural wonders await at the Stone Forest, a UNESCO World Heritage site and the “First Wonder of the World”. An easy day trip from our hotel in downtown Kunming, China to where this karst geological park is located will leave you mesmerized as more than 400 hectares of intriguing limestone pillars, natural stone masterpieces, stone forests and incredulous intricate formations unravel before your eyes.

For a crash course in the cultural nuances and social customs of Yunnan’s varied indigenous groups, head to the Yunnan Nationalities Villages. This colourful theme park located on the north shore of Lake Dian takes an approximate 25 minutes’ drive from Grand Park Kunming Hotel. A newer attraction such as the Lufeng Dinosaur World is also a great option for families.

For golf aficionados, most of China’s top 10 golf courses are located in Kunming. So go ahead and take your pick from the plethora of world-class 18-hole greens. The exquisite Country Golf Course and Spring City Golf Course is just a short drive from the Grand Park Kunming Hotel.

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